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Tuesday, March 16, 2021, via Zoom
5:30-6:00 p.m. Zoom Room opens for networking & socializing.  
6:00-7:00 p.m. Speakers & Business Meeting
Advanced registration is required

Speakers’ Program

  • Assemblywoman Cottie-Petrie Norris
    Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of women in our past and present who have inspired us to work together to make positive changes for the benefit of so many.
  • DPOC Chair Ada Briceño
    Update on the Recall Gavin Newsom Campaign and how we can support Gov. Newsom 

Business Meeting

  • Membership Vote: Bylaws Amendment
    Please review proposed Bylaws before March 16


Join us in congratulating Tara Steele, NBWDC’s immediate Past President, who was recognized by Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris as one of AD 74’s Women of Distinction in 2020.  Because the Award Reception was scheduled for March 2020, it was of course postponed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. But we won’t wait any longer to congratulate Tara for this well-deserved honor and celebrate her significant accomplishments during this year’s Women’s History Month. 

March Membership Madness
Join or Renew Today!

This is a reminder that NBWDC dues payable and renewable every January 1.  If you were a member in 2020, we have extended our renewal grace period to March 31.  Take advantage of this opportunity and renew without delay so that you continue to receive NBWDC’s exclusive members-only benefits. 

If you are not yet a member, this is a great time to join.  We offer a full range of benefits exclusively for our members, including special event invitations and so much more. Details below.

Thank you for your past support.  We look forward to welcoming you as an NBWDC member in 2021!

Lend a Helping Hand

COVID has exacerbated the alarming growth of underserved individuals and families in our communities. We ask that you consider a donation to one of these important organizations. 

WISEPlace is a leader in ending homelessness for unaccompanied women through housing solutions and empowering wrap-around services that provide a path toward personal self-reliance.  

Due to COVID-19, they are not accepting drop-off items.  However, they have posted several different Wish List options, and accept financial donations as well. Please visit for details.


Thousands of people in Orange County are for the first time receiving food assistance due to the pandemic. This new demographic of people in need has created an unprecedented demand for food here and across the country. Stepping up to meet this need locally, Second Harvest has been creating in meeting these new demands.  There are many ways you can help support their efforts.  Visit their website to select one or more options.

A Call to Action
Protect Women’s Healthcare Choices

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2021: Tom Johnson of StuNews Newport recently wrote a comprehensive summary of the latest actions in the Hoag/Providence matter.  We encourage to you take a moment to read it here.

UPDATE: DECEMBER 2020:  The State Attorney General’s office has declared to the court that the Founding Boards do have standing, and the case should be heard on its merits.  Hoag and NBWDC are very thankful for the support of the community as expressed through their emails to that office. Now that California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra has been picked to join President-Elect Biden’s cabinet as head of the Department of Health & Human Services, now is NOT the time to sit back.  Be sure to read this November Los Angeles Times article for more information which is available here.

The Attorney General’s office CAN do more.  For example, it can ask that the lawsuit be expedited for a number of reasons:  

  1. There are many things within Hoag’s health care delivery that are at stake; 
  2. Providence has violated its 2016 agreement with the Attorney General’s office  around women’s services;  
  3. Dominance within Orange County by an out of state regional system with religious restrictions is not in the best interests of Orange County patients. 

The Attorney General’s office can also argue for Hoag’s independence.  As of now, a hearing on Providence’s motion to dismiss the case is scheduled for February 1, 2021.  

We’ve created a simple letter that you can download and attach to any email you send to your family and friends.  We are also including a link to the letter that goes directly to California’s Attorney General  Xavier Becerra. 

Please email your friends and family and share both.

BACKGROUND: NBWDC’s Founding President Dr. Suzanne Savary and founding member Beryl Smith were both been active during the protests against Hoag Hospital after they banned abortion services several years ago.  They are active again in seeing protections to health care services which are limited due to Hoag’s affiliation with the Providence/St. Joseph Catholic hospital group.

Hoag doctors have complained about difficulty in getting authorizations when prescribing IUD’s and other contraceptive and obstetric services, and efforts to steer their decisions about care that are not always aligned with Hoag’s best practices, including those involving end-of-life care.

Dr. Sue and Beryl have asked that we each reach out to our family and friends and ask that they sign a letter to California Attorney General supporting Hoag’s request to severe their relationship with Providence/St. Joseph hospital group.

We’ve created a simple letter that you can download and attach to any email you send to your family and friends.  We are also including a link to the letter that goes directly to California’s Attorney General  Xavier Becerra. 

Please email your friends and family and share both.

The Newport Beach Women’s Democratic Club stands in solidarity with 






Selected resources for anti-racism and social justice information, donations and actions.


COVID-19 Updates & Information

NBWDC has cancelled all in-person meetings, activities and events until further notice due to COVID-19 mandates issued by Governor Newsom and our OC Health Department. 

We will continue to hold events and meetings virtually until it is safe to reconvene in-person activities.  Visit our website often for updates and virtual events information.

It is vital that you follow the official COVID-19 recommendations to social distance and avoid all public places where crowds congregate, regardless of age, wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds and shelter in place if you are 60 years of age or older.

Stay safe … stay socially and responsibly distant to flatten the curve sooner than later!  How important is that?  According to Hoag Hospital’s CEO, here’s why:

“Each person who self-isolates reduces their risk of infecting others dramatically. In 30 days’ time, a single individual who does not practice social isolation runs the risk of infecting 406 people with coronavirus. By reducing physical contact by 75%, that individual’s infection risk plummets to 2.5 people.”

Hoag CEO Robert Braithwaite’s entire letter is available here for you to read.  And we encourage you to do so.

If you need help with shopping and transportation, please ask.  The City of Newport Beach is maintaining its OASIS meal deliveries and transportation services for senior citizens, as well as special assistance for homebound seniors.  Call the City’s Senior Services Dept. at (949) 644-3244 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Many of our local restaurants, while closed to dine-in customers, are offering curb-side pickup and delivery.  Your local Chambers of Commerce lists these restaurants on their websites; for example, Newport Beach Chamber and Corona del Mar Chamber.

Trusted COVID-19 Resources

World Health Organization (WHO)
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Orange County Health Department
City of Newport Beach
City of Costa Mesa
City of Huntington Beach
City of Irvine

Additional information and resources are available here

News from Governor Newsom
State requirements for essential services and stay-at-home guidelines
Orange County Health Department Updates and Guidelines
Masks and face coverings … Make your own LAT article

If you have questions or concerns, or you need assistance in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you find the resources you need to stay healthy. 

Please follow the current restrictions and guidelines, and stay safe.  


Ways to connect with NBWDC


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Mailing Address & Phone

Newport Beach Women’s Democratic Club
P.O. Box 11761
Newport Beach CA 92658

Voicemail/Text @ (949) 423-6468

Membership Has Its Benefits

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Receive full Member benefits, such as voting rights, members’ only news, invitations to special events and free admission to our monthly meetings.

Membership is valid from January 1 through December 31 each year.  Several membership categories are available (see below).  And you may conveniently pay for your Annual Membership by either credit card or by check. 

Better yet, set up a recurring annual payment through either of our online payment options, or by check through your Bank’s online Bill Pay feature. 

Membership options include:

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And we offer three easy payment options:

Member Contact Information

Have you moved or changed any of your contact information?
We are required by our Club Charter to maintain accurate contact information for all our members of record.  If you have recently moved, changed your name, email address, phone number or any other voter registration information, please let us know using one of the following options:

  1. A PDF form that you can fill out and return to us by email
  2. An online form that you submit through our website

Thanks for helping us stay in compliance with the California Democratic Party requirements.

Our Big, Blue, Local Team

Take a look at all we’ve accomplished over the last couple of years . . . and having fun while we did!  Just click on the photo below to start the Photo Slideshow of just a few of the things that energized us to GOTV and win BIG & BLUE!

2021 Club Officers & Committees

President:  Laura Oatman
Vice President: Kathleen Andrews
Treasurer: Mikelle Fish
…….Assistant Treasurer: Phoebe Loos

….Corresponding Secretary: Deborrah Lugo
….Recording Secretary:  Karen Tringali
………Assistant Recording Secretary: Maureen Rust

Officer Positions Still Available for 2021-2022 Term
Recording Secretary: 2-year Term
Corresponding Secretary: 2-year Term 
Please apply here

View our current Committee Listing here

Adopted April 16, 2019 
Summary of April 2019 approved changes

Pending: Red-lined Bylaws revision – Adoption Spring 2021
Pending: Additional DPOC recommendations for Bylaws 2021

Privacy Policy
Available here

Past President Roster
Immediate Past President: Tara Steele 
Past President: Rima Nashashibi 
Past President: Mridula Udayagiri
Past President: Jean Hastings Ardell
Founding President: Dr. Suzanne Savary


Committee Opportunity

Our club’s mission is to provide a forum for civil political discussions and promote and participate in activities that help educate members about local, regional, and national issues.  One way to  help support our mission is to serve on a committee.  We have many opportunities for you to showcase your skills and passion.  For example:

  • Communications & Social Media
  • Events Planning
  • Membership Outreach 
  • Governmental Activism 
  • Voter Outreach . . . and more

If you have an interest in any of these areas, please let us know.  Send us an email or leave us a phone message (949.423.6468) and the appropriate committee chair will respond to you directly.


Voters & Candidates & GOTV


Voter Registration

Since the last election, have you:

  • Turned 18 and plan to vote in the upcoming elections
  • Changed your address
  • Decided to change your party affiliation

If you answer yes to any of these questions, don’t forget to register or update your voter registration. There are several helpful online tools and forms which can be found here at

New OC Voting Procedures for 2020
2020 voting procedures will change, allowing more options and more voter-accessibility.  For information on new Vote Centers, Voting by Mail and more, read here.

Help us GOTV for November 2020
Your financial support, large or small, will help us fund our Newport Beach campaign support office, materials and events; all crucial in turning out the biggest number of Democratic voters ever!  

Our Elected Officials

A current listing of federal and state officials is available here


Democratic candidates who wish to speak at an NBWDC event or who are seeking an NBWDC Endorsement are required to contact NBWDC’s Programming Committee for criteria and scheduling.  Please use the form below.

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Photo Albums – Enjoy!

Click on any image below to view its album/slideshow


2020 in Review

City of Newport Beach
#nbyearofthevolunteer – Tringali


Congressman Correa’s
Woman of the Year – Nashashibi




Video Montage



Speak Up!

Letters and calls to our legislators, letters to editors, Social Media postings, conversations with friends.  These are all important tools to help get the word out and building support for issues that are important to women and Democrats.  Find an issue you are passionate about and do your part to join in the conversation.

A Powerful Video – Marginalized Voters on a Global Scale

Why Labour lost the election” by George Monbiot

George Monbiot is a British writer known for his environmental and political activism. Though he was born to privilege he is known for his writing on the effects of corporate greed on the environment and the political process. In this video he shares his opinion regarding why all over the world peoples appear to be voting for marginal and autocratic individuals rather than competent leaders. His analysis really gives the viewer pause to think about what is the cause of democracies behaving in an inexplicable way. It is his opinion and not everyone will agree with what he has to say, but it is an interesting perspective.  Our thanks to long-time NBWDC Member Saboohi Currim for sharing this powerful video with us.

Newport Beach City Government

City Council Meeting Recaps
By Kathy Andrews 
NBWDC Government Activism Committee Chair

City Leadership Email Addresses

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a forum for civil political discussions and promote and participate in activities that help educate members about local, regional, and national issues.

Our Club

The Newport Beach Women’s Democratic Club was formed by a small group of like-minded Democratic women who were brought together by their desire for civil discussion around political issues. Within a short time, our club grew and became a notable presence in the Orange County Democratic community.

We promote democratic values through activism.  Our work includes get-out-the-vote efforts, presence at community events, and sponsoring forums for Democratic candidates as well as candidates for non-partisan offices.  We also speak publicly and take part in demonstrations. 

Club membership is open to women who are registered Democrats.  We also welcome registered Democratic men as non-voting associates.  While most members live in Newport Beach, we also value those from surrounding Orange County communities.

At our meetings and events, we welcome those who wish to be benefactors of our Club regardless of party affiliation.

For more information about our Club and Membership, please fill out the Contact Us Form above.

Our Privacy Policy is available at

Our Accomplishments

The Newport Beach Women’s Democratic Club was chartered by the Democratic Party of Orange County in February 2008.  Since then, we have accomplished much.  Here are a few of the highlights: 

  • Hosted 2016 Candidate Forums for Federal, State, Local and City elections
  • Worked directly with local elected officials to help support important legislation
  • Worked as a founding member to create the California Alliance of Democratic Women’s Clubs
  • Supported our founding president’s campaign for 48th Congressional District in 2016 and 2014
  • Staffed the Democratic Party of Orange County’s voter registration booth at the Orange County Fair each year
  • Recognized by Planned Parenthood in 2015 as part of the OC Women’s Coalition for work against abortion bans
  • Participated as a partner in the OC Women’s Coalition against abortion bans at Hoag Hospital after its affiliation with St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital
  • Joined women’s groups from around the county in 2014 to protest the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision
  • Honored as Coalition Partner of the Year in 2011 by Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties for our support of their organization.

Newport Beach Women’s Democratic Club
Post Office Box 11761
Newport Beach, CA 92658
Voicemail/Text: (949) 423-6468

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